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The Emo
The Emo
I am sad, I am sadness,
The embodiment of despair
The personification of anguish
The incarnation of sorrow.
From my black boots, to my black hair and my black clothes.
With my black lipstick, black eye shadow and black nail polish.
They all show, to this hollow empty world, that I am different
I am not one of these sheep which I see around me
All happy in their dull routines never stopping to think.
I alone can see in a world of the blind.
My mother thinks that I'm being silly,
My dad calls it a phase
Neither understand what it's like to be me. The crushing despair under which I live.
They don't know.
Today I will chat with my friends; they will discuss their boring little bands.
Do they not see how lame they are with their songs of love, there is no love.
Only sadness and inevitable death.
As I leave I check the mirror, to see if my depression shows.
Because, as everyone knows,
Emo is in now.
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A recipe for religion
Religion is a great meal which can range from a light snack to a full blown theocracy. Surprisingly easy to make, it works wonders as an explanation for unexplainable phenomenon and is a great conversation starter. It is important to remember that every religion is different and they will not mix well in a meal. Consuming different religions without allowing time to digest has been known to result in stomach aches and xenophobic crusades. If you are making more than one keep them separated, preferably one to each end of the table.
This recipe makes a good solid dinner for four but the recipe can easily be expanded to encompass entire countries.
• 200g butter
• 2 cups of ignorance
• 1 cup of belief
• ½ cup of suspicion
• Rituals (any flavors)
• 2 cubes of lies
• Deity(s) of your choice
• 1/2  tsp of evidence
First pour in the ignorance and suspicion and stir until consistent, melt the butter and mix in. Now add up to 4 Tbs
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Sunset Silhouette :icondragon-cultist:Dragon-Cultist 0 0 Golden Sea :icondragon-cultist:Dragon-Cultist 1 0 math5 :icondragon-cultist:Dragon-Cultist 1 0 math4 :icondragon-cultist:Dragon-Cultist 0 0 math3 :icondragon-cultist:Dragon-Cultist 2 0 math2 :icondragon-cultist:Dragon-Cultist 0 0 math1 :icondragon-cultist:Dragon-Cultist 0 0
'I'm ok.' I grunted to my companion as he crouched next to me on the battlefield.
The ragged wound in my shoulder gave proof of my lie, pulsing in time to my heart beat, staining the cloth I held there the deep red of oxygen rich blood.
'Just give me a moment.' I continued on. He nodded in agreement as tears trickled down his face past his nose and off his chin in drops which mirrored the crimson ones coming from my wounds.
'We had a good run didn't we?' I said, before gasping as a jolt of pain wracked my body. Concern flashed across my friends face.
'The best.' He answered in a choked voice.
'And we were so close too. Who could have expected them to ally with the Barbarians?'
'No one.'
'Not even me it seems. Well I can die claiming I have seen everything, Barbarians fighting alongside Scathiens eh.' My chuckle rapidly deteriorated into a coughing fit which threw splatters of blood onto my friend's bloody uniform. 'Sorry about that.' I apologized, 'though something tells me you won't n
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Squeak Squeak
Squeak, went the balloon
Squeak, squeak
Squeak "Stop that"
Squeak, squeak, continued the balloon
Squeak, squeak "I said stop that!"
Squeak, squeak
Squeak, squeeeeak
"Last chance!"
Squeak, squeak, squeak
"Right that's IT!
Squeak squeaky BANG!!!
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50 Word Stories
Do you know what's awesome? Those screw drivers with magnets on the end. They are just so awesome, such a small change to an already very useful product that makes it that much more helpful and user friendly. Can you just imagine the guy who first thought of it? Genius!
Once we were discussing how each of us would want to die. Some said in their sleep others said shot to the head but I said: I want to go down in a blaze of glory with my last words remembered in history. "What could possibly go wrong with this?"
I dove into cover desperately firing off shots wildly as I stepped sideways. I was too slow, the sniper found his mark in my shoulder. The large caliber round tore a ragged and bloody hole in my torso. My vision went black, Text flashed "Re-spawn in: 3, 2, 1 GO!"
Buy the all new "Religion©!" Religion© is the latest product from the people who brought you instincts. Explain: the creation of the world, why your here, natural disasters, what happens when you die and any o
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The Virus
Subject: 1337 game
Hey dude, I just found this awesome game on the internet, it's called Beatman and it's really fun.
My high score is 750000 points. How high can you get?
Damien read all this sitting at his computer dressed in his school uniform with only 5 minutes left till he had to leave. This would cut it close he thought, as he clicked on the attachment and selected run on the pop-up menu.
It sat in the program as it transferred from the email to the computer. The security Bots walked over and opened it up, scanning the contents with their one large lens of an eye. When they scanned It with a yellow beam of light the eye went an alarming red and it knew it had been spotted. The guards emitted a hash series of sounds, obviously communicating with their superiors. It was nervous, at a moment's notice the hig
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Wow time does fly doesn't it. The 23rd of a March, just over a month since my last post. I'm back at uni and swamped in assignments. They all ways hunt in packs. I went and bought my self Arma 3 Alpha. I figure that i will enjoy it now and it is cheaper than buying it later. I have had fun in the sample missions (despite a few crashes) and it is a definite improvement over the old Arma 2 with its sharper graphics in comparison to something which could look like a minimalist painting of trees(tank or bush?).

I have also played some of the new ace combat and found it lacking. After switching to real controls to make it playable with a joy stick I found it much like Hawx in that it had a dog fighting mechanic and a stupidly large number of misses. However said misses are net to useless being slow (for a missile) and hardly maneuverable. The dog fights had large numbers of allies and enemies fighting for what seems like ages as you desperately try to get the enemy in a position to initiate dog fight mode. A solidly meh game.

I started (and promptly viewed all episodes of) The Bravest Warriors. A funny sci-fi cartoon by the makes of (and in a similar vein off) Adventure Time. Very funny and Catbug is adorableness personified.
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